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Where this trailer sits today

used to be the executive offices of one of Williamsburg’s earliest technology businesses, Citistorage, founded by Norm Brodsky. Since the early 1990s, thousands of great entrepreneurs made the trip to see Norm, a longtime Inc. Magazine columnist and author of book and articles on business management.

Then, on January 31, 2015, the building burned down.

Norm lost everything, including his residence on the top floor. It was a tragedy. And an opportunity.

If entrepreneurs had no place to come for mentorship anymore, he had to bring the mentorship to them. And quite literally out of the ashes, a worldwide mentorship network powered by the business philosophies of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs was born.

This is BEN’s home / And the door’s open

Like most start-ups, it’s a modest space. But we have a great view and lots of space to hang out. Come by. Meet other entrepreneurs and talk shop.

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Tell us about yourself and your business. Our podcast is hosted by the BEN Team. If we think other entrepreneurs can learn from your story, we’ll have you as a guest. Join us at our on-site studio in Brooklyn or pipe-in by Skype.

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Burgers and Beers with BEN

Hungry entrepreneurs gather here most Thursday afternoons at 6:30PM during the summer. Come to BEN HQ to see a spectacular sunset in the heart of Williamsburg and grab a burger and a Brooklyn Lager.

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Get Inside The Minds Of Rockstar Entrepreneurs